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The Glories of Travel – Get Rolling

“So you work in the Cruise Industry? Wow, that’s fantastic. And you have to travel intercontinental? Wow that’s cool”. That is the common thinking of family, friends and colleagues NOT travelling for business. Travel should always be for pleasure and pleasant, but actually this is not always the case. Some of us need to travel [...]
1 June, 2019 by Business practices 0 Comment

Calar Alto Observatory, chance of a lifetime

The Calar Alto Observatory is an astronomical observatory located in the province of Almería. It sits on the peak of the Calar Alto Mountain (2,168-meter, 7,113 ft) in the Sierra de Los Filabres range. The German Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, and the Spanish Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia own and operate it jointly. It [...]
1 May, 2019 by Almería, Destinations, Venues 0 Comment

GDPR, a must in our contracts

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU law that governs how organisations must handle personal data, and it applies both to customers and employees. Personal data means any information that can identify a person directly or indirectly, such as a name, an identification number, location data, IP address, or an online identifier. The law [...]
1 April, 2019 by Business practices, GDPR, Legal 0 Comment

Andalusia port information

At the end of last year, we attended the Jornadas de Concienciación sobre el Turismo de Cruceros (Awareness Days on Cruise Tourism) in Almeria. You can find some information about it in this Europa Press article (in Spanish). We learned many interesting things at these workshops, so it was a worthwhile trip. We even presented a [...]
1 March, 2019 by Cruises, Destinations, Málaga, Port info 0 Comment

Alhambra: beauty and the beast

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site [..] This jewel of Moorish architecture is one of the main tourist attractions in Spain. It is so heavily solicited that the process for the Alhambra visit for us as tour agents is extremely complicated and never a sure thing.

1 February, 2019 by Destinations, Málaga, Monuments 0 Comment

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